Cameron Forsyth



Hailing from Sydney, Cam skillfully blends nostalgic-pop aesthetics with a hint of sarcasm in his artworks, creating a unique and relatable visual experience. His canvases are coated with the reminiscent feelings of coming home after school, indulging in afternoon TV shows, and savoring a bowl of his favorite cereal—a vivid reflection of the simple joys of childhood.

With an extensive 20-year career as a sound engineer, Cam possesses an insider's perspective into the world of advertising in the media. This professional journey infuses his paintings with a clever and sarcastic nature, adding layers of depth to his creations. The intersection of his artistic expression with the advertising realm provides a distinctive commentary on contemporary culture and the impact of media on our perceptions.

Cam's artistic journey extends beyond painting, as he has previously explored photography and music producing. This multidisciplinary approach showcases his versatility and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries. His art has found homes in collections across Australia, the UK, and North America, attesting to its global resonance and universal appeal.

Currently represented by Art To Art Gallery in Balwyn North, VIC, Cam enjoys professional recognition and support within the art community, working with art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Cam's art is a testament to the fusion of experience, creativity, and a keen observation of the world around him. As he continues to evolve and experiment across various mediums, his work remains a captivating journey into the intersection of nostalgia, contemporary culture, and the power of artistic expression.

Shows & Exhibitions:

2023 - Affordable Art Fair - Sydney, Royal Randwick Racecourse, NSW
2023 - The Other Art Fair - Sydney, The Cutaway, Barangaroo, NSW
2023 - Rebirth, Ambush Gallery, NSW
2023 - Flourish , Art to Art Gallery, VIC
2022 - The Other Art Fair - Sydney, The Cutaway, Barangaroo, NSW
2021 - Original Art Under $2k, Art To Art Gallery, VIC
2021 - Petal & Twig, Kathryn & the Bear, VIC
2021 - For the Love of Art, Art To Art Gallery, VIC
2020 - SICs DEGREES Project - QLD Govt & Townsville Council, QLD

Cam sleeps on the NSW Central Coast